An important consideration in life is what you will leave for those you care about upon your passing and who you want to be the legal guardian of your children. You may also want to gift part of your personal wealth or estate to an individual, company or charity. Cascade Law has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your money and property are handled as you wish.

We cover all aspects of will and estate law, including:

  • Will preparation
  • Estate planning
  • Wealth preservation and protection
  • Creation and administration of trusts
  • Appointment of powers of attorney
  • Appointment of “committees” to manage the financial affairs of an elderly, incapacitated or mentally incompetent person
  • Representation agreements – you can decide now, how you want your loved ones to care for you in a state of incompetence

Our wills and estates clients include individuals, families, business owners and managers, family corporations and others. We work with tax consultants, accountants and other services when appropriate to ensure you receive the best results.

Wills are an important part of your legacy. By writing a will, you ensure the funds you leave behind will be received by those you wish. You can rest assured knowing your loved ones are cared for.