Most people don't know what Part 7 is. In a nutshell Part 7 benefits is an additional insurance coverage in the amount of $150,000 dollars to cover medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.
Part 7 benefits are also referred to as no fault benefits. What that means is that if you cause an accident or not, you are entitled to the $150,000 worth of medical benefits.
Part 7 also covers you for wage loss benefits. They are called, total temporary disability benefits. However, Part 7 benefits are only payable once you've exhausted all other insurance. For example, if you have extended health benefits you must exhaust those benefits first. Similarily you must exhaust any EI benefits.
Part 7 benefits will continue to be payable for such things as physiotheraphy and massage therapy as long as your doctor continues to perscribe those treaments.
Cascade Law Corporation assists all it's clients with applying and receiving Part 7 benefits. Therefore it's important to contact our office to ensure that your Part 7 benefits are put in place at the outset.