At Cascade Law we know it’s important for a mothers and fathers to get the custody and visitation time they require to build and maintain strong ties with their children.

Decisions in child custody cases are based off the best interests of the child. Although it is not uncommon to see one parent receive sole custody it is more common that an arrangement is reached that involves both parents. In these instances it is unusual for the division to be split evenly or 50-50 and far more likely that one parent acts as the primary custodian while the other parent has predetermined visitation time.

Child custody cases can be an emotional process on any parent. It is important that you have an experienced family law representative present to ensure that your wishes and best interests are taken into consideration. Cascade Law will work with you to obtain custody and visitation schedules that protect the relationship you have with your child. Cascade can work with even the most complicated of cases such as helping fathers establish paternity in order to obtain the custody and visitation time required to build a lasting bond with their child.